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Application of quantitative packing scale in fertilizer and feed industry

Issuing time:2020-09-01 16:01

With the development of The Times, industrial packaging has been continuously toward the direction of simplification and automation development.

For example, fertilizer, feed packaging industry, the former fertilizer, feed packaging basically rely on human, a large number of manual manual weighing, and then sealed packaging. A little larger demand for output requires constant manpower and increased labor intensity.

However, due to the limitations of human capacity, such a way is not able to produce a large amount of power, and the efficiency is very low, under the intensity of work product quality.

Therefore, with the development of science and technology, automatic quantitative packaging scale appears in our industrial packaging industry, which solves the above problems, and can complete the quantitative packaging task on the premise of packaging accuracy, so as to increase the productivity of fertilizer and feed manufacturers.

The following will bring you some knowledge about automatic quantitative packing scales:

The automatic quantitative packing scale is composed of weighing unit, sewing bag conveying device, pneumatic action system, dust removal system and quantitative packing control instrument. The key component that affects the packing speed and accuracy is the weighing unit, which includes the storage bin, the gate, the cutting device, the weighing body, the bag clamping device, the bracket, the electrical control device and so on. The storage silo is a buffered silo for material storage and provides a nearly uniform material flow; The gate is located at the bottom of the storage bin and is used to block materials in the storage bin in case of equipment maintenance or failure. The cutting device is composed of the cutting hopper, cutting door and pneumatic components, etc., which can provide fast speed in the weighing process. The material flow of fast and slow feeding can be adjusted separately, so as to meet the requirements of accuracy and speed of quantitative packaging scale. The function is to balance the air pressure difference in the system when weighing; The weighing body is mainly composed of weighing hopper, load-bearing bracket and weighing sensor, which completes the transformation from weight to electrical signal and transmits it to the control unit. The bag-clamping device is mainly composed of bag-clamping mechanism and pneumatic components, etc. Its function is to clamp the packaging bag and let the materials after weighing fall into the packaging bag. The electrical control device is composed of weighing display controller, electrical components and control cabinet, which functions as the control system to make the whole system work orderly according to the preset program.

Automatic quantitative packaging scale belongs to the packaging and weighing industry. It uses weighing sensors and weighing junction boxes to input signals into the quantitative packaging controller, and then uses the programming Settings in the packaging controller to get the actions we need. Rational use of mechanical design, mechanical processing, surface treatment and other technology SHU manufacturing actuator, with the control system to form a combination.

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